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Annual day....!

The first step to university is a defining moment in every student's life. So a small celebration is to celebrate the arrival of the freshmen at the University.
“IGNITE D NITE 2023”- meaning a new festival of rhythms that also celebrates numerous clubs, cultural events, music, and arts. It offered a motivational day-long festival that was sure to interest both newcomers and regulars. Freshers party is a method for inviting novices to a school. The Fresher`s party isn't simply a day for the novices but at the same time was significant and exceptional for the seniors. It was the day when seniors and youngsters at long last cooperated and join to celebrate being important for the University. Keeping the pattern alive, The Sharda University welcomed a multitude of understudies, who had joined the group of Sharda University 2023-24. Sharda University Arranged Fresher Party, to invite recently conceded first-year Graduates and Post-Graduate Understudies. The beginning of University is a turning point in an understudy's life. The program was complemented by many dynamic exercises such as Oblique Walks, Conventional Moves, Combination Moves, Western Moves, vibrant vocal performances and amazing lightning to truly enrich a student's day.